10 September 2007

A limmerick for Becky

This one is for Becky - she said she wanted more limmericks on Jen's blog - but was written for Mike about an "incident" while we were dating.

Once when we were out kissin',
A real good time not to be missin',
Up drove some cop,
And everything stopped,
And to a long lecture we listened.


Kelly said...

Uh oh!!! Maybe that story should have been in your 8 Randon Facts post. :)

rebekca said...

Thank you for playing along!
A story can never go wrong
When told as a rhyme
About a "good time"
To "that club"- I also belong!!!

sorry for the late reply...as you can see, I've been trying to come up with a response!

Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady" said...

Thanks, Becky! Let's start a club
Where rhyming is the main hub.
We'll pick and we'll choose
Which words to use
And forgive the occasional flub!

rebekca said...