31 October 2007

My Li'l Pun'kins

I went to the pumpkin patch they have annually at this cool farm in Flower Mound last Monday with Jennifer, Ben and Luke along with Jen's friend Denise and her daughter Madison. It was a gloriously crisp fall day and lo, the crowds had already been! The place was almost empty which was great fun for us - parking close by, no jostling (or being jostled), no waiting to speak of for hay rides - that sort of thing. Luke has been sitting up by himself "sort of" and so we got some pretty good photos of them. I think Madison and Luke were more interested in the grass and hay than anything else making it hard to get a full face shot for photos. Luke has the whole raspberry blowing down pat - reminds me so much of Kennedy at that age when he does that. It's too cute!!

Then last night we went to the Fort Worth Zoo for their annual "Boo at the Zoo". Not a whole lot of animals but there were trick-or-treat stations, live shows, train rides, lots of people in all kinds of costumes, spooky "mist" and just good SAFE fun! Ben was a pirate - but not just ANY pirate - he was a NICE pirate! He made sure I knew that - guess he'd seen some "not so nice" pirates? Luke was a "li'l pun'kin" as was Mira although she was a Pooh Pumpkin (limited supply of costumes when you go shopping the day before Halloween as I did for Mirai.)

I put Mirai in the sling when we got there just to see if she'd like it better than laying down in the stroller. After she had her bottle, she fell asleep and stayed that way all through the evening waking up just as we got to the car to go home - then she decided to be rather, ahem, "vocal" freaking Luke out a bit. Mirai can go from 0 - 60 decibels in 1 second flat - truly an experience in keeping with the whole Halloween, scary times theme. :) She finally quieted down about the time we got on I-35 north by which time Luke was pretty spooked. Ben spent the night with me, exhausted though he was, and we had a good time together. This is what being a grandparent is all about - getting to be part of their lives in slivers of "one-on-one" and nothing beats, "Gramma, I love you!" to which I reply "I love you, too!" to which he usually replies, "I love you THREE!" and so on.

Happy Halloween and can't wait to see everyone's pictures of their little darlings in full costume. And, yeah, we know about the caution on the Bumbo thing - and we were watching him all the time!!! I promise I don't spend all my time and money obtaining hazardous and/or recalled equipment and toys for the grands.

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