05 August 2010


...is not dead.

Today was no different than any other this summer - it was hot, then it was hotter followed by some more hot. It's Texas. On steroids.

Which means you can't let the kids out to play until the bats are flying out of the caverns to find dinner. Yet, unlike bats, kids don't hang upside down, sleeping, until the "witching hour". Poor kids. Poor mama. Poor grammas.

So after 7pm, we decided to go to one of our local frozen yogurt establishments, which have sprung up all over the great state of Texas like Chesapeake Energy drilling rigs. Thank goodness. The temp was down to, oh, the mid-to-upper 90s by this time, a virtual freezer locker for this time of year. We filled up the kids with frozen yogurt and then as we were leaving, they seized their opportunity and made a run for it. All the way down the length of the sidewalk of the shopping center. It was J.O.Y. So we stuck around for awhile and let them run, play, scream, yell, rinse, repeat.

Mirai wants to do everything her cousins do so when Ben and Luke started jumping off the retaining wall of the landscaping, Mirai wanted to try. But it was a leap she wasn't overly confident making. So she held her hand out to Luke who GALLANTLY took it like a gentleman, stood and helped her jump. The next time they were both up there, they held hands and took the plunge together.

And my heart melted. Life is good.