16 October 2010

In the mail today...

...we received a box with this inside it:

Tim and Megan (and Kennedy and Lleyton) had sent it as a 'Thank you' to us.

I went to wash it and discovered that the paper curls inside weren't just filler. INSIDE the (I've wanted for a long time but never have bought) thermal, double-walled Starbucks cup was this:

How cool is that? This may well be the most unique 'thank you note' I've ever seen.

And, Austin Drennons, you are certainly welcome! We love you too!!


Megan said...

I'm so glad you liked it! I was wondering if you were notice the wording. :o!

You guys do so much for us and we are forever grateful.


Liz Owen said...

Very adorable, and so thoughtful!