23 April 2011

An Easter egg in the basket...

...is worth none in the bush. This week has brought Mirai the wonderful concept of candy hidden inside eggs which are hidden in "plain sight", bushes and trees. There were two Easter Egg hunts - one at school and one at a friend's home for the younger children and their families from church.

Picnic supper before the Relay Race and Egg Hunt

I'd been talking to Mirai about the Easter Bunny and how she will put her basket out Saturday night and sometime during the night or early morning, a (I assume 'large') bunny would quietly visit and leave surprises in her basket. She looked at me as if to say, "Um, sure. Okay. Out of respect I'll listen, but you are NUTS, woman!" Well, after the first Easter Egg hunt at Yellow Brick Road School on Thursday, she was a believer. How can you argue with a basket full of petrochemicals shaped into the form of eggs and filled with various forms of chocolate and jelly beans??

Fernanda Cannon and Mirai

Getting ready to do the Relay Race

Last night we went to the home of friends from church, the Brockmans, and had another egg hunt as well as a relay race. Seeing a group of mainly preschoolers attempting to hold a plastic egg on a spoon and walk it across (without dropping it - right...) to the other side of the lawn was hilarious! Mirai did pretty good if I do say so - she dropped it only once coming and once going. Her concentration was intense as she cautiously walked and balanced her egg in that spoon.

Major concentration

Steady now!

Oops! Try again!!

I don't know if it was her first egg hunt but it was certainly OUR first egg hunt with HER! If her reaction to the festivities is anything to go by, Sunday morning is going to be a blast!

Mrs. Palmer and Mirai after the Egg Hunt

Mrs. Palmer is one of Mirai's favorites (she's the mother of Beth Brockman). They have a mutual admiration society that is very sweet to watch.

Altogether a VERY fine day!

Thanks to Mac and Beth for hosting the Egg Hunt at their home - we truly enjoyed it!

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