02 February 2008

Happy Birthday to our THIRD son!

Today is Jason's birthday. I didn't give birth to him - but he is our son just the same. Almost 10 years ago, he married Jennifer. But earlier than that, we knew he'd be a part of our lives. He is, essentially, our 3rd son...and the eldest (a conundrum of sorts). He is also father to Benjamin and Luke as well. And the big brother Tim and Christopher got later rather than sooner. But he's also our son. And it's his birthday. A "big" birthday - 33. Which isn't bad considering:

He has a masters degree
He has been married almost 10 years - to his FIRST wife!
He has two adorable sons
He has a great job
He (along with Jennifer) owns a house
He has GREAT in-laws
He has wonderful taste in women
He is a Christian

So, Happy Birthday, son! We love you!! And for a trip down memory lane....


Megan said...

Loved the slideshow! Happy 33 Jason!

Jenny said...

Awww, that was sweet.

Makes me want to chop my hair off....