26 January 2008

Logbook Entry

Stardate 1.26.07
After an initial rocky start to slumber, punctuated by periods of wakefulness due to coughing, I finally slept for a few hours straight. Tempted to boot family pet who started barking at 7:48am and could be heard in the master bedroom from the infamous, now dry pool bath, sleeping location of said pets. (Izzie - watch out for those Romulans - I've put out an APB on you!)

Am enjoying cup of coffee while making logbook entry with high hopes that today will be like that Michael Buble song:

"It's a new dawn
It's a new day
It's a new life
For me
And I'm feeling good"

So far so good - a grand total of 45 minutes. We'll see. Day 10 of antibiotic. Day 4 of 2nd round of steroids. Day 6 of breathing treatments. Must quit enumerating RX status or will have to delete song lyrics as I slip into a stupified silence on the couch.

Have renewed interest in "House Hunters" so feel recooperation must be around the corner. Downloaded some movies from Amazon Unbox to watch tonight. Afraid to go out anywhere due to rounds of Prednisone - that evidently gives me a big neon VACANCY sign for any infections others might have. I have enough of my own, thank you very much, so am not interest in "sharing". So will stay home until RX for that is finished (sigh, 6 more days...)

44 degrees F outside - warmest it's been all week for the morning. Promise of high temp in the 60's - will believe it when I see it. Winter has definitely come to south Texas - usually by now it's in the 70's, grass is greening up and the threat of days in the 80's is looming. Not so this year. Grass actually went dormant for once.

Until next entry, logging off.

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