24 January 2008

The "other" thing going around...

Jennifer and several others posted this on their web. You copy it off and fill in your own answers. Sounds like fun so here we go:

Tomorrow: is just another day, so I'll worry about it then (thanks, Scarlett - you've helped me ever so much with my worry issues...)

Feeling: Oh, loaded question after MY week - let's see, some words spring to mind like "sick, damp, annoyed, loneliy, singled out in the universe for every perverse thing that can go wrong with my house" tempered with "I'm a tree, I can bend..."

Happy because: the "flood" is behind me, my chest is improving and I ordered OUT for dinner! I should have some more meaningful, zen-like response, but after my week, happy means "nothing imminently threatening life or limb".

Today I: will NOT run over senior citizens in my SUV, jump out of airplanes nor try to lose weight...gotta have realistic goals, girls!

Laundry: is a fact of life. Get over it. Frankly, I find laundry much better than say, cleaning toilets, even if it does take longer. And I'm perverse in that I love to fold clothing warm from the dryer - especially if they are children's things. Baby things are a bonus. If you're lucky, you'll get a set of Bosch front-loaders - they are like the Mercedez Benz of the laundry world.

Something I know: Only one thing?? Seriously??? For real???? No WAY!!!!
1) I am loved by my husband even with my weight, my spending, my lines and wrinkles, my annoying habits and my proclivity to run up north to be with the grandchildren all the time - he has convinced me of this.
2) Possessions do not bring happiness - they are nice to have but do require upkeep so if you're barely keeping your had above water, why want something that you have to add to your "to do" list to take care of? Having said that, jewelry, really GOOD jewelry, is VERY low maintenance...
3) If you go into the hospital and give birth to a 9 lb. baby, you will lose exactly 5.2 lbs. It's unfair, but a truth.
4) 75% of women will find that the 5.2 lbs. in #3 above is the last time they will actually lose weight
5) 95% of husbands will really not care about #4 (and the other 5% obviously don't care about their women)
6) You are never too young to take care of your skin and ALWAYS use sunscreen unless you want to be a prune face by 40. Having said that, it is a truth that most women can't afford the "good stuff" in their 20's and 30's so spend a lot more money in their 40's and 50's on the "remedial" stuff. Find a fairy godmother/mother/mother-in-law who will hook you up with the good stuff on a regular basis.
7) Children who are not potty-trained by age 4 are just as smart as those who are. However, children who have NOT had sex and have NOT used drugs by college ARE smarter.
8) At mealtimes, it's more important for the familiy to share and enjoy the time together than it is for strict manners to be enforced, military style.
9) A dad who loves the mother of his children is the best dad in the world.
10) Parents who PARENT their children become FRIENDS with them when they are older. Parents who want to be FRIENDS with their children find they don't see them at all when they move away and only hear about them when the "tell-all memoir" comes out. That's when they change their name and move to an obsolete country somewhere.

Currently reading: my blog page - seriously, I'm not THAT good a multi-tasker! Okay, sarcasm aside, I'm ready "Atonement" (in lieu of finding ANYONE who will go to see the movie with me), my nightly "M&M's" (Moments with the Master) written by members of our church, one week's worth per author and then there is the eternal stack of magazines. Thank goodness I love interior design as those are like picture books for adults. Oprah magazine - well, that takes some serious reading commitment, friends. I find I don't get to it often enough to warrant my subscription.

Wanting: TO BE WELL AGAIN. And weigh 120 lbs. I have a shot at being well anyway...

Favorite gadget: My Clarisonic facial washer Mike got me for Christmas (via Jennifer who always looks out for her mother on the "gifting front", bless her...keep on watching Oprah's Favorite Things, please!) It's fantastic - my skin is really improving and feels so nice. Oh, and my Nespresso machines. Okay, so I did two - so sue me...

Thankful that: I live back in the USA and have all those gorgeous children and grandchildren so much closer by than when the Atlantic was between us among other things.

Wondering why: my pool bath flooded when there was no blockage in the drain line at all. It's a mystery - a very uncomfortable "will it happen again" mystery. Not really big in the whole scheme of things but in my isolated world of germs right now, it's a big thing to me. Must refer to the "Tomorrow" entry above...again, thanks Scarlett O'Hara!

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deam said...

I totally love the "something" you know! The WHOLE list!

Thank you for writing :)