24 January 2008

Somewhere over the rainbow...

Well, I survived the great flood of 2008 in my pool bath. The plumber came out today - no blockage on the drain line at all. Mystery waters - no clue. Called my insurance company. I have a $11,300 deductible. Fantabulousa. So it's me and the warped boards. I'm drying it all out now with fans and dehumidifier and have GREAT hopes (read: last chance before big buck handout...) that the boards will dry out and flatten again. Talked to the builder and they said those boards often do. My wooden floor was built with screeds so the water isn't directly on the wood - it's in a recess that is OBVIOUSLY flowing towards the garage because that's where my new fim "A River Runs Through It" is currently on location. No kidding! The water from the bathroom flowed under the screeds, down towards the kitchen pantry, exited from the pantry into the single garage. Gravity - at least this time it's my house and not my face or boobs. And it's a good thing too or else I'd be sitting in a water feature not designed for my home interior.

So it's been an interesting day. But more than that, it's been a day of IMPROVEMENT on ye old crackly chest. I guess all those steroids, breathing treatments and sleepless nights are paying off (sounds like college - oh, wait, I didn't go...). I have guarded optimism that I might actually get several hours of continuous sleep tonight (oh, Jennifer, how I understand your situation with Luke and the vacuum of night called sleeplessness). Anyway, it's nice to breath and NOT feel like a bowl of Rice Krispy's with milk poured on them - snap, crackle, cough (that's the one that didn't do well in the test market - 'pop' got the job.)

Mike made it to Kazakhstan from Amsterdam. Always good to hear he's landed and actually made it to his hotel room when he goes to these far off places. Now he's 11 hours ahead which make for a narrow window of phone conversation possibilities. But that's life - well, ours anyway.

I feel quite cosmopolitan as I have a nifty little Nespresso machine IN MY OFFICE! How cool is THAT? Now I can sit at my desk, blogging away and think, "Hmm, I'd like some coffee!", reach over and press a button and soon I have my own steaming cup of Volluto coffee. Or Capriccio. Or whatever flavor I want. We have a built-in one in the kitchen - coffee on demand - and it's delightful. We had this little portable unit and took it to Disney with us as well. When we got back, I put it in my office and it's so cool to have right by the desk! (Of course, I had to let my cute Italian butler, Dano, go, but we had to make allowances....just kidding!)

Well, enough ramblings from the fried brain of Ms. Pharmacy. Hopefully I'll be back to my semi-sane self next week. Until then, may your toilets not overflow, your chests be clear and garages be dry!

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deam said...

Oh my goodness what a week you have had. Glad everyone is safe and on the mend :) YUMMMMY on the coffee... I need one of those - Italian Butlers I mean :)