19 January 2008

Friends in high places...I mean HIGH places!!

Personalized scrapbook from Mickey Mouse
Mike and I received a very special gift this week - I will attempt to photograph and share it (wishing I had Jen's Nikon right now, but you're stuck with my humble Sony for now.) It was a special delivery from none other than MICKEY MOUSE! He sent a personalized autograph album completely filled in with autographs including some VERY rare ones like TINKER BELL!! Every single page is filled - it's amazing!! It was such a surprise to receive this marvelous gift - one we'll enjoy sharing with the grandchildren for years to come! And ALL the grandchildren's names were listed in front. How DOES he know?

So, thank you, Mickey. We had fun in your Magic Kingdom and are thrilled you thought of us in this way. It was indeed a magical moment. And, hey, buddy, we'll "see ya real soon!", okay?


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deam said...

That is awesome!

Megan said...

Ohhh how wonderful! I can't wait to look through it.