21 January 2008

It's a small world after all...evidently CRAWLING with germs...

Well, after THAT auspicious title, I'm surprised you're still reading. But the truth is, we all came back from Disney to our respective abodes and every single family has had illness since - but none of it the same thing! We ARE a family for DIVERSITY! Kennedy had her infamous ear infection "whilst on holiday" and evidently Lleyton had a cold upon return (plus the added bonus of their house having been mini-flooded by a leaking water heater but you'll have to read HER blog for that!)

Then I hear that Jason is sick - so sick he (a) doesn't go into work and (b) goes to see a physician. Well, I don't know about YOUR family, but in MINE, if a man voluntarily goes to see a doctor, he must be on death's door! He got his meds, stayed home another day and then had the blessed weekend to buy him some more healing time.

Meanwhile, I am feeling pretty good about having gone to Disney and escaping any of my past issues while there - one year Mike and I had to have the Medical Concierge come out and take care of us as we were both really sick with upper resperatory issues. Another couple of years, my back was out. Then there were the "sciatic pain" years which meant I had to rent that electric cart thing to get around. Anyhoo, I'm back, I averaged 15,000 steps PER DAY on the trip (feeling MIGHTY fine about that one folks!) and decided I'd try to keep up the walking routine. Headed to Katy Mills last Tuesday with Marilyn and Carleeta and walk their three laps and, other than a knee starting to "ouch", feel pretty proud of myself. Went to a movie and dinner with Mike that night. Then I woke up Wednesday - could NOT breath, sounded like a static electricity storm every time I breathed and my head was pounding. Went to doctor - bronchitis. So, now I'm nebulizing (is that a word?), on steroids (well, there goes MY stellar reputation in sports!) and on all kinds of meds that make me dry up, breath and supposedly heal. Still workin' on it folks, still workin' on it. I'm the 8th dwarf, Wheezy.

Well, as I'm in the doctor's office waiting my turn, Jen calls and Ben has mono! Now, Mike is in Europe and I'm wondering when the Miserable Fairy is going to shine her good fortune upon him or if he escaped just in time! Call Chris to warn him in case Mirai starts acting unwell only to be told Jenjer is about well now and Mirai was sick and is now better.

So Jenny and I were talking. We went to Disney and managed to ALL come home with something different. My, like I said, we ARE a diversified family. And let me tell you, it has NOT been a MAGICAL MOMENT FOR ME!

I shall now retire to my couch where my HGTV awaits me - which is good considering the screen writer's had the nerve to go on strike when sick men and women of America NEED THEM MOST! In my delirium, I wonder if McDreamy is through with Meredith or will Meredith finally see the light; will the Kiss Me Not killer strike again while the Women's Murder Club is out on hiatis with no one to catch him/her; why can Heroes save the world but not the networks; how can all these young families with little bitty kids afford these huge expensive houses on House Hunters; if all these youngsters are living together that are buying a house on Property Virgins, why are they still called virgins? INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW!!

Hmmm, think I'll go read the information that came with my medication - wonder about some of these side effects....


deam said...

I am so sorry for the sickies, but I love the post and the writing, so if that is a side effect... keep taking the meds :)

Megan said...

Hope you finally feel better soon!