05 October 2008

All things bright and beautiful...

Today is Kennedy's birthday. Her fourth birthday no less. And to say I'm waxing nostalgic is an understatement. Back when Jennifer and Megan were both pregnant, they made the unusual decision (by today's standards) to NOT know the genders of their babies ahead of time. Life held few enough true enjoyable surprises, they surmised - let this be one of them.

So, following soon on the heels of Benjamin's birth 17 days prior, we were thrilled to learn that we had not only a grandson but also a granddaughter, Kennedy Beth! Mike and I received a call from Tim that they where heading to the hospital for an induction. We were in Bedford so we threw things into suitcases, tossed them into the car and got on the road to Austin as soon as possible. We got a call just as we were nearing Georgetown that Megan had safely delivered a baby girl! I have never known Mike to drive so fast without regard to the possibility of being stopped for a speeding ticket. He was a man on a mission and nothing was going to stop him!!

She was born late in the evening so by the time we got to the hospital, we had to be "let in" as all the hosptial entrances (except the front door - completely opposite L&D) were locked after 10pm. Never did time seem to stand so still as waiting for Tim to come open that door for us. And then we were able to go meet this young lady for the first time. We were still in awe and amazement that we had a grandson and now here was this beautiful baby girl! It was love at first sight.

From Day One, Kennedy has been somewhat of a Daddy's girl. Fortunately, she eventually let her mother and I into her "inner circle" but for awhile she seemed to only have eyes for Papa Mike and her daddy. And we don't need to worry about this girl being shy and retiring - she is a dominant personality who knows what she wants to say and do and isn't shy about letting you know. She loves singing, dressing up, putting on performances for you. And she is quite theatrical often dramatically informing us of her brother's misdeeds (just as her Aunt Jenny used to do concerning HER little brother, Timothy, who happens to be Kennedy's father...)

But she is genuinely affectionate and gives her hugs and kisses freely - you haven't lived if you haven't experienced Kennedy's "goodnight" routine with making the rounds in the room, giving out big hugs, very pursed lip "smackers" and firm "goodnights" before purposely striding back to her room for her bedtime stories. She loves her "bunny foo-foos" - all "dozens" of them. They have been her companions ever since she was old enough to hold a toy. And she loves stories at bedtime which have been read to her since she was just a tadpole almost. Mommy and Daddy did a wonderful job reading to her from just about Day One.

In some ways it feels like we've come "full circle" with the advent of the births of our grandchildren. But in other ways, it feels like we've only just begun. We have contributions to make, things to teach, things to learn, children to love and receive love in return.

And like the Ray Charles song, "And I say to myself, what a wonderful world!"

Happy Birthday, Kennedy! You will always be our "Little Princess" and we love you.


bec said...

Kennedy is so blessed to have the grandparents she does. What a lovely photo of her too.

Liz said...

What a beautiful girl she is!

MIMILEE said...

How lovely little Kennedy is! You are so blessed !