23 October 2008

Believe it or not....

I was driving home tonight from a delightful dinner and movie evening with my dear friend, Marilyn, when I almost swerved off the road upon seeing this:

Now I only had my iPhone camera. And it WAS night. So in case you can't tell of which I speak, it's my HEB gas station and 'regular' is ONLY $2.43/gallon!!

I can't even remember the last time I saw, let alone BOUGHT, gas at this price.

I had "a moment"...seriously.

After the past two weeks, it was a little ray of hope in the darkness of despair. Okay, so it wasn't that profound but it was pretty durn exciting!

Just share my joy.

Oh, and I got a carwash too. Simple pleasures are the best. :)


Megan said...

I just bought it for 2.34! Yippee!

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

I remember when there wasn't a two in front of the 34. Yup, when we'd pitch in loose change for a *dollar's* worth of gas for a ride! Five dollars would be a whole weekend of cruising. Now...more $$$ for the joy-ride!
Thanks for visiting my lil' blog.
Sweet Witches!
Sara <[;O

Liz said...

This weekend I got gas at Kroger for 1.99. I nearly had a heart attack.

Liz said...

Happy Halloween!
Liz & Mabel

Cheri said...

Thanks for stopping in and commenting.

Taking my son to school yesterday gas was 1.97 at the WAWA. Incredible, considering where we were in September!