06 November 2008

Long...but oh so worth the watching...

A dear friend in Australia posted this on her blog today. We met years ago at the Wembley congregation in London when we both lived in the U.K. and have continued our friendship even though both have moved to our homelands and we are thousands of miles apart. She is like a daughter of mine as well as a sister in Christ.

This deals with abortion. And this is sometimes uncomfortable to listen to. But this is reality - in particular HER reality. And it does make you think.

The video is in two parts. Together, you will be watching for approximately 15 minutes. But please see it all. I hope you'll be glad you did.

As I watched this today I am stunned with this young lady, Jianna Gesson. She is slightly older than my eldest, Jennifer. Our Jennifer was longed for, prayed for, welcomed with loving arms. But Gianna was someone that was considered for wont of a better word "disposable". She is an abortion survivor. And not only is she an abortion survivor, she is advocate for the unborn who risk not even BEING born.

And as she says, it is not considered PC to mention God or Christ these days - especially in the government building in Australia where she delivered her speech. I am anti-abortion as well but have never heard it articulated as well as this young lady, who by "all rights" (yes, pun intended) shouldn't even be alive today.

I'm humbled by her courage to speak out. And I agree with her. I personally have been silent too long.

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