18 November 2008

My little musician...

Ah, the thrill of seeing AND hearing your grandson's first violin recital! Jennifer just posted this video and I have to share it. Ben started violin last summer when he was three years old. Initially, Miss Elizabeth, his ever patient and very talented teacher, had him practice on a foam violin (which they call a "foamalin") until he has down how to hold, position and bow. I believe he received his real violin just a couple of weeks ago.

Now, I'm a grandmother so I have privilege of being inordinately proud. But also being a musician, I see great potential in this young man! And I'm ever so proud of him (and his parents) for the many trips to lessons and then practices at home that have occurred over the past several months. Music brings such joy and peace to my life, and I'm seldom happier than when I'm singing my heart out (voice being MY "instrument"). I certainly have high hopes that music in all its forms will do the same for our young Ben. And who knows, perhaps he'll be a vocalist as well some day?

Ben's 1st violin recital from jenny b on Vimeo.

You can "read all about it!" at Jenny's blog. Way to go, Ben! I'm SO proud of you!!!

Also, you are QUITE the handsome young man in your concert attire. Hmmm, does Janie & Jack make tuxedos in 4T??


Cote de Texas said...

Aw - he is so adorable and GOOD! wow!!!

bec said...

That is very cute Cheri! What a little star!