06 February 2009

Out of the mouth of babes...

I was driving to dinner at Chili's tonight with Jennifer and the boys in the car. I came to a four way stop which was quite busy. As is my habit, I started counting - it's a way I keep track of when it's my turn to go through. So I went something like, "You're number one, next number two, they're number three, now I'm number four". Ben asked, "Why are you counting, Gramma?" I replied, "So I'll know when it's my turn to go at the four-way stop."

His reply? "Well, Daddy just says, "Come on people! Just GO!"

I died laughing.

And I agree with his Daddy.


Megan said...

You have to watch what you say around these 4 year olds! The sincerity with which they deliver the "punch line" makes it all that more amusing. Thanks for sharing.

Allison said...

too funny :)

thanks for the comment...my hubby graduated from Taylor too, but in '98 :)

Alexis said...

HA! The Daddy at our house says the same thing. Too funny!! I'm enjoying your photos, but HAD to comment on this one :)