17 February 2009

Where in the world???

Yup, I've been conspicuously absent. "What's with all the photos and little writing recently?" I hear you say?? Well, if a picture is worth a thousand words, I guess I was trying to slide by on those while I've been otherwise engaged.

You see, I've been up in Keller getting my grandbaby fix. For two-and-a-half-glorious-weeks. Mike was able to "bookend" the stay, driving up to Keller with me before heading on his "around the world in ten days" business trip (literally...the man is EXHAUSTED!). In the meantime, I had "face time" with ALL of my children and ALL of my grandchildren - oh the bliss. So I should be posting more in the next few days with more (oh no! you say...) photographs of super-spectacular-stupendously-stellar visits to the zoo, 80th birthday parties (no, it wasn't mine...how dare you ask!!), Valentine's Day preparations, cousin visits, Valentine parties...there is no moss growing under my feet!

Mike and I are Katy-home now. Mike has returned to "the trenches"...oh, I mean work. The back of the Pilot (which was filled to the max) has been unloaded. The dogs are busy sniffing the premises to make sure all is well and to reassert their authority. I'm unpacking, sorting, doing laundry, paper shuffling (oh, I'm great at the paper shuffling thing - proper paper handling? No...but I could win an Oscar for the shuffling bit), trying to psyche myself into going to the grocery store and cleaners and really just wanting to sit on the couch, drink coffee and watch my shows on TiVo as I sink into a deep grandchild/children withdrawal. I have an office with "TAX PREPARATION TIME" written all over it and I'm shutting that out for the time being.

Because in my mind and my heart I'm replaying the past few weeks of being involved once again in the day-to-day lives of my children and grandchildren, thinking about how I once took these responsible adults to preschool as we drove the grands to school, remembering the funny things they did and said through the antics of their children, enjoying the full circle that being privy to the next generation brings. This new generation mirrors the past of their parents and I delight in the feeling that somehow Mike and I have "passed the bar" successfully in this relay race called Life. And feeling so thankful that while we may not be the principle runners anymore, we are still allowed in the race.

I'm a lucky woman.

But I do miss them all.


Megan said...

I am glad you both made it home safely. We are still playing catch up, and I am still exhausted. Hopefully soon I will feel rested. That being said it was worth it to be able to spend those fun filled days up in Keller. We had a wonderful time and really appreciate you driving to meet us halfway so we could see everybody.

Liz said...

So glad you were able to spend so much time with your family!

bec said...

It is always a pleasure reading your blog. You're blessed to have your delightful grandchildren and they are so blessed to have such a postitive, happy gramma!