03 April 2009

A garden of a different variety...

...seems to be what Jamie Oliver and his wife are growing. Now I like Jamie Oliver - he's becoming a celebrity cook in his own right here in America but he's been a major player for years in the UK. I always liked the the commercials he starred in for Sainsbury's (Britain's own version of H.E.B.) grocery stores. And his unaffected style of simple "cookery" (always loved that term - that and "tom-foolery" and the judicious use of "whilst"....only in England!) is a breath of fresh air in the over-populated world of celebrity chefs. That and the fact that he doesn't swear a blue streak like "he who must not be heard" who can burn your years as well as your fingers in a hot kitchen.

But I do get a chuckle out of the names he and his wife have chosen for their three offspring, one of whom was born this morning: Petal Blossom has arrived in all her spring glory today! Appropriate for what I assume is a lovely spring April day in England.

And she is welcomed by her sisters, Poppy Honey and Daisy Boo.

Are these children or Care Bears? Or perhaps a line of fragrances? lip glosses!?

Surely they will be friends with Gwyneth's daughter, Apple. And perhaps her brother, Moses, will lead them all.

I'm just glad I rethought my initial "perceived favorite name for a daughter one day" or poor Jennifer would have been forever known as April Dawn.

Lucky for her I came to my senses...


Iona said...

I thought I read it was Petal Blossom Rainbow. April and Dawn are still somewhat 'normal' names, although together it does make it sound a bit funny.

Cote de Texas said...

reminds me of Bob Geldolfs girls - Peaches, Trixie et all. hehe

bec said...

Enjoyed your post. It did make me smile... especially the three names of Jamie and Julie's children.
Maybe Rachel is a bit boring compared.