24 March 2009

Oh! to be in south Texas in Spring!

Springtime in South Texas from Cheryl Drennon on Vimeo.

Mike and I decided to drive up to Brenham and Chapel Hill last Sunday afternoon. It's bluebonnet season here in south Texas and believe me, it is NOT a sight to be missed! We had thunderstorms about a week ago and evidently that was the nudge nature needed to bring forth this glory. Growing up in Lubbock, which has high elevation, is flat as a pancake and all trees were planted by man, getting to witness the bluebonnet explosion down south was simply incredible to me the first time I saw it - and it continues to be incredible to me still. Folks were out in droves looking for a "lush patch" to photograph their children in, but there are plenty of bluebonnets to go around. We took a winding path up State Hwy. 36 and then onto 105 before heading back to Katy via Hwy. 290, 359 and then Hwy. 90 back to Katy. Took about three hours total but it all passed in a flash - a gorgeous flash of blue.

I didn't know if my photos would turn out or not - I had my prime lens attached and it's not really for moving car photos. But I think I lucked out and am quite pleased with the result. And being a music lover, "August's Rhapsody" from the movie "August Rush" came to mind to pair with the photos. If you click on the lower right (looks like a 4 petal flower) it will enlarge the screen to your monitor size if you're new to this like me...

Enjoy! And if you're in south Texas the next couple of weeks, get out there and see this for yourself - it's unbelievably gorgeous!!

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bec said...

What a lovely part of the world. I can understand why parents would want to photograph their children there. That backdrop would make any photo special.