06 March 2009

Oh, those crazy rich people!

Several bloggers have a "Fashion Friday" which I enjoy reading. But I've never been moved to do one of my own till today when I saw THIS:

How absolutely darling, I thought. It's a swimsuit cover up. Very modest. Lovely. Colorful. Might even double as a shirt with a nice pair of capris.

Then I saw two things which caused my lovely train of thought to have a violent crash:

1) It's $340. Yup, you read that right. THREE HUNDRED FORTY smackeroos! But wait, it gets worse....and funnier....

2) The washing instructions?

"Dry clean only". ON A SWIMSUIT COVER-UP???

This is clearly for people who have hand-embroidered swiss-cotton hankies in their Kleenex box...


Cote de Texas said...

too funny - dry clean only!!!! omg, what a joke!

DebMc said...

If the 340 dollars didn't do me in, then the dry clean only would. I avoid that at all costs. The only label I love more says no ironing needed.