09 March 2009

I was actually awake at sunrise...

Something rare and beautiful happened today - I was actually AWAKE at sunrise! (Okay, so at least "something rare" happened.) Anyway, as I struggled to surface to some level of cognitive awareness, I let the dogs out, since it was hard enough simply being upright an HOUR earlier (wow, thanks DST...) without risking doggy accidents.

Opened door, let doggies out and - BOOM! - there is was - the site I'd always HEARD about but seldom seen. SUNRISE!

There was a misty fog rolling over the golf course. If I squinted just the right way (and ignored the Home Depot in the distance on the far left), I could make believe I was in Tuscany. I went to make myself a capuccino and by then the fog had burned off, my "cognative awareness" was much heightened and Tuscany was once again far, FAR away.

That Home Depot? Unfortunately, still there.

But I'll always have my memories.


DebMc said...


There's a place on the road between Dallas and Amarillo that gives me an optical illusion when the sun is just right. It's a piece of rolling land planted in knee high cotton. One day there were gorgeous clouds in the west with the sun peeking under...for a moment it was a vineyard in Tuscany. Sigh.

LOL, about being up at sunrise. That's my favorite time of day.

bec said...

What a beautiful photo and outlook.

Iona said...

It is funny and touching that everyday things in your life can bring memories flooding back. What a lovely view to start the day- the trees and mist- not the home depot.