26 April 2010

And time rolls on...

I got a sweet phone call early this morning. The phone rang and I saw it was from my eldest daughter's cellphone. I answer with my usual (probably overly loud), "Oh, hey!" only to be met for a moment of silence. I say "Hi!" one more time and then hear Ben, eldest grandchild, start singing the theme from the Shaun the Sheep series (which, frankly, if you've never seen - you have to beg/borrow-but-not-steal/buy a copy - more about that later). Anyway, he finishes the chorus, giggles and then says, "Gramma, I lost my tooth!"

Oh. Wow. Oh. My.

Am I actually old enough to have a grandson who is old enough to start losing teeth? Which means, of course, that Kennedy, Number Two grandchild, who is only days behind Ben in age, will be loosing them too soon. Not that I'm the type to get all maudlin about age, brown spots, crow's feet, etc. We all age - some better than others - it's inevitable and the sooner we come to grips with that (like, in your TWENTIES folks), the better for ALL concerned! But what struck me is that we are moving into New Next Generational territory. I've basked in the glow of babies in the house once again with the births of my (now six) grandchildren. I've enjoyed dressing real live dolls vs. the ones I used to buy (for those who've known me that long). I've become known by sight and name at Gymboree stores and Janie and Jack too. I can rattle off the top ten things to buy for a new mom today that are trendy, fun and functional - actually TESTED in the homes of my own children! I'm a Hot Gramma Commodity!

But losing teeth. That's way beyond babies and toddler-hood. It's school, first crushes, the LITTLE Lego bricks, reading. So much more. And, like every parent/grandparent before me, I ask myself, "Am I ready for this?" He obviously is. And I'd better get on board. I have much to offer my grandchildren (and I don't mean just in the Visa or Amex arena). I need to be thinking, planning, executing how I can help enrich their minds, their morals, their values. I want to be a gramma who gets a call from a crying teenagers who spills out, "Why are (mom, dad, fill-in-the-blank) doing this to me?" and will listen to what I say. And that starts now, has started when they were born actually.

One of the best investments Mike and I can make is not in the financial markets but in the future of our grandchildren. And just like a financial plan, we need to be focused, know the risks, weigh the outcomes and MAKE THAT INVESTMENT! They are precious children. And we want to do our part to help them succeed in their spiritual life, their personal relationships, their careers whether they be in the world's marketplace or in their own home. We all have influence and we need to be aware of how we wield that influence. It is so utterly important.

So I've been really dwelling on this this morning as I bask in the glow of that phone call from Benjamin. God my have the "whole world in His hands" but WE have the "whole world" in our hands too when that world is our family. And like that corny ad for All State Insurance, we ask ourselves, "Are WE in good hands?" With focus on God's word and His will for us, I would say, "Yes indeed."

It's a whole new world now. :) Love you, Ben, and hope the "tooth fairy" is accounting for inflation; your Mother got $1.00 - $1.50 for HER teeth back in the 80s...I'm just sayin'...


Sherri said...

Nice one.

Love Being a Nonny said...

Precious post. I can relate. What a GIFT they are to us.