26 April 2010

It's Shaun the Sheep!

I want to give more information about my aforementioned "must see tv" about Shaun the Sheep series. If you've ever seen any of the Wallace & Grommit movies or shorts, or "Chicken Run" (the movie came out years ago), then you're familiar with the original "clay-mation" of Aardman Animations Ltd. The stories are hilarious for both adults and children, making it the perfect win-win viewing scenario! I bought one DVD last month at Target and Ben, Luke and I promptly fell in love with Shaun, Shirley (the BIG sheep whose coat is so thick things get lost in it), Bitzer the dog who basically runs the farm for the farmer, the Pigs - oh, the Pigs!

I went to amazon.com and found even more of them seeing as how we are now addicted. If you've ever read "Click-Clack-Moo, Cows That Type", then this is a live animation series similar to that but only with sheep on a farm in Britain. SO much fun!

Shaun the Sheep Lyrics

He’s Shaun the sheep
He’s Shaun the sheep
He even mucks about with those who cannot bleat

Keep it in mind, He’s one of a kind
Oh...Life’s a treat with Shaun the Sheep

He’s Shaun the sheep
He’s Shaun the sheep
He doesn’t miss a trick or ever lose a beat

Perhaps one day, You’ll find a way
To...Come and meet with Shaun the sheep
Oh...Come and bleat with Shaun the Sheep!

© Aardman Animations Ltd 2006


Jenny said...

now I know you've had the song in your head all day. right? RIGHT?

Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady") said...

Yup, I have. At least now I have words to go with it instead of, "It's Shaun the Sheep, it's Shaun the Sheep, da-da-da da da da da da da da-de-da..."