09 June 2010

I'm having a Mac attack...

...and I'm not at McDonald's! I recently received my custom ordered MacBook Pro which my lovely husband gifted me for Mother's Day. And let me tell you, having over triple the hard drive space and a faster processor is bliss! It's like the lunchtime drive through line at our local Chick-fil-a; fast, functional and friendly! Even the transfer of data and applications from the Time Capsule was very fast - only 8 hours wirelessly. (The Apple Store said it would be about 24 hours.) The main thing I'm excited about is having the ability to keep more photos stored rather than having to dump them onto an external drive asap so as to not bog down the system. I guess you could say I'm lovin' it?

So, enough emoting about my new toy.

Summer is upon us and with that brings the humidity and heat for which Houston is infamous. Even the dogs, who normally love a "sit in the sun" time, are quick to get out, do their business and trot back into the cooler, drier house. And the texture of my hair is competing with the Wicked Witch of the West's broom for "most hideous texture". I'm winning.

But with summer also comes visits from the grands, pool time and lots of Chick-fil-a iced tea runs. Even though I have no "at home" children anymore, it still seems like life slows down a bit as schedules are relaxed, speed limits for school zones are on vacation as well and, gross though it may seem, I get a kick out of watching the frogs swim in the pool after dark as if to proclaim, "Hey guys! Check THIS one out!" I guess some folks swim with the dolphins but we're stuck swimming with the frogs.

I will soon be bringing you photos, glorious photos, right after I figure out how Aperture works (hey, I got it loaded...that was enough for one day). Grandchild #6, Lady Emery, is a sight to behold with all her long locks at the tender age of 3-1/2 months. Kennedy graduated from preschool last month. Luke and Ben are playing t-ball. Lleyton started preschool last month. And I hope to see Mirai next week. So lots of grands catching up to do - a picture is worth a thousand words so perhaps you'll get off lightly on the novella part.

Following Kennedy's ballet recital - yes, we support the arts. I'm not sure the arts will return the favor.

Have a great summer! May your a/c not conk out, your mosquitoes be few and your watermelons thumping good! (No jokes about the watermelons folks. This is a family website...)

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