19 September 2010

And now we are Six...

...and another generation embraces the Star Wars phenomenon. Ben will be six years old tomorrow but his party was today. Jennifer made a dinner of his requests and MOI brought the cake. I did not BAKE the cake but I did "gussy it up" with the requisite Star Wars paraphernalia.

I do believe the cake was acceptable...if Ben's reaction to it is anything to go by.

The irony of his new found interest in Star Wars? I was pregnant with his mother when Mike and I, living in Bay City, traveled to Houston in September of 1977, to wait in line for 90 minutes to see the said film at the Alameda Mall. So perhaps all those symphonies I listened to during those months will pay off as well. :)

And, of course, nothing says loving like a line up of manly "action figures" arranged around a cake, being careful not to disturb the candles, looking for all the world like they're about to bust out in a dance routine of, "YMCA". Seriously, I think that Storm Trooper has his groove on.

But I digress from the purpose of this missive, which is to point out that Ben is now six. Six. SIX!!

Did I mention he is now six? I'm seriously trying to wrap my brain around it so I can then move on to trying to wrap my brain around Kennedy turning six in 17 more days.
I won't wax all slobbery and nostalgic about the day he was born because frankly I did it all before you can just read it again here.

Happy Birthday, Ben. We love you heaps and heaps. Oh, and may the Force be with you...

(For those who caught it, yes, the "title" today is taken from A. A. Milne's last Pooh Bear book, "Now We Are Six".)


Karena said...

I know what you mean it is so amazing how the years fly !!

The cake is perfect and I am sure it was a big "Wow" for him!

Come and see...I have a New Giveaway from the French Basketeer!!

Art by Karena

Megan said...

So glad it was a joyful day for Mr. Ben.