09 September 2010

Taking a "sick day"...

Checking her wings "pre-flight"

...has its advantages. Mirai had to stay home from school today since she had a low-grade fever yesterday. Nothing to worry about, Mommy and Daddy. Probably a virus/late summer cold. But she's taking advantage of the "couch, pabi and cable" day to enjoy her dress-up clothes. Right now, she's channeling her inner ladybug (or "doodlebug" as she calls them).

And she's OFF!!

Wait - photo op!

Charming. Absolutely charming.

But then I'm a bit prejudiced.

Something tells me she's feeling a lot better already.

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Megan said...

Beautiful. Wonderful pictures of Mirai. So sorry to hear she got sick. :( I was worried we might share our germs.