18 January 2009

Fun things I've discovered about losing weight...

I went into this whole weight loss thing for one reason and one reason only - to keep my heart from going back into a-fib. And so far so good - my cardiologist is happy with how things are going. I'm feeling healthier.

But now I'm discovering so many other things as well. So I decided to make a compilation of "Fun Things I Never Saw Coming" concerning weight loss:

1) I can wear cute sandals - my ankles don't swell anymore. All those Brighton sandals have come out of their boxes and are getting used.

2) I can get down on the floor and play with the grandchildren - and then get back UP again! (without assistance...)

3) I have to put my car seat further up to be able to drive.

4) I can cross my legs. Yes, indeedy, I can CROSS. MY. LEGS.

5) I can make several trips up and down the stairs without wheezing. My legs and knees aren't too happy about it but at least my lungs aren't complaining.

6) I get cold sometimes. I have an arsenal of sweaters and take one to the movies because I actually get chilled at times.

7) I love honeycrisp apples. Nothing satisfies like a fresh, cool, crisp honeycrisp apple. I crave them. I buy them even when they are $2.99/lb.

8) People compliment me on my clothing and ask where I've bought it - like they are going to go looking for it or something. Like they'd like to have one like it. Like it's something trendy and new! Oh my...

9) I can buy clothing in mainstream stores. I am not limited to "Omar the Tent Maker" and others of his ilk.

10) Mike can put his arms ALL the way around me (and then some). Priceless.

I still have a long way to go. And I plan to take quite a while to get there so it will "stick" and become a way of life. But it sure is fun to have these successes so far. They do make the journey more pleasurable.


bec said...

congrats. That is wonderful.

Megan said...

You are looking great. There aren't many people who can say they look better as they get older but you are one of them. What a difference a year makes!

Emily said...

11. I look DARN good!

Congrats Cheri! That's quite an accomplishment! Enjoy your Brightons....

emily said...

What a nice way to look at what you are doing! You are such an inspiration on how to enjoy and live life at every stage!