14 January 2009

"Sisters, sisters..." - everybody sing along now!

I drove up to Keller on Saturday (via Pflugerville which has nothing to do with the story other than I like to type "Pflugerville" - it's that "Pf" thing...) with my two dogs, Shelby and Izzie. As "loyal readers" know (all three of you), Shelby and Izzie are my schnauzers - one old (Shelbs) and one not-so-old (Izzie-Bizz) - and when I travel in less than 80F weather, they go with me.

I pack up the car, leaving PLENTY of room in the back seat of my Pilot for both dogs - I have one car seat in there that Izzie usually rides in and Shelby gets the entire "rest of the seat" with a fluffy cushion and blanket - yup, they're spoiled. Plus, Izzie gets carsick and has to take anti-nausea meds so gets the "higher up so I can see out" seat - that's HER story and she's sticking to it.

So, I load up both dogs, go into the house to set the alarm and then come out. I start backing out of the garage when I notice it. Both dogs have "dug their heels in" and won't budge. Oh to have had access to my camera (which was totally buried in the back). Shelby initially had her front right paw in the seat and was glaring back at Izzie, daring her to make a move. I could literally hear her say "I call it". Izzie was sizing it up and sort of glaring at her (as much as the 15 lb "junior" dog can glare at the 20 lb obviously "alpha" dog in "the pack"). I laughed at their seemingly sibling rivalry and proceeded to drive on to join Mike at Starbucks before we got on I-10 for our trip.

I get to the main road and look back again when I hear a fair bit of groaning and huffing. And then I laughed out loud to see Shelby in the infant car seat, on the bottom, with Izzie on top, her bottom on Shelby's head and hind legs straddling Shelby's neck and both looking resolute and hanging on for dear life. Both had defiant expressions on their snouts.

Neither one of those dogs gave up their position until I arrived at Starbucks 15 minutes later. I have never seen such a display of canine stubbornness - ever. It reminded me of sister and me when we were growing up and the battle of wills we would get into - especially on a road trip. I had the right side - she had the left. And there was a line drawn down the middle mentally that we would mess with each other's minds on (all the way from Lubbock up to my grandparents in Missouri and Indiana twice a year) to see who could gain the upper hand in the battle of wills.

Perhaps you had to be there to truly appreciate how hilarious those dogs were and a photo would have helped but believe me, it was crazy funny! And watching Luke and Ben and their brotherly "battle of wills" makes it even more funny since it mirrors the antics of a human 4 year old and 1-1/2 year old so clearly.

Good times. Good times.


Emily said...

That is too funny. Dogs seriously crack me up.

And I've noticed the "battle of wills" beginning in my house. My kids are both very stubborn. I honestly can't imagine where they get that from.

bec said...

Those dogs sure do have a lovely life! Our dog would probably give a leg to trade places. She sleeps outside, always eats the chook scraps and isn't allowed to come inside!