29 June 2009

A new member of the family...

Yup, we have a new dog. Call me crazy, but (hello, Crazy Butt!) we decided to take a "semi" rescue dog. She's not truly a rescue dog in that she was abused or abandoned or anything. She's just "made the rounds" of the family and has finally come back to her town of birth, Katy.

Sophie was bought as a pup for Jen and Jason back in 2002 while we were living overseas. I think I was living vicariously in my need for a puppy through them and they enjoyed her, spirited schnauzer that she is, until Ben was born. Sophie is a large miniature - she's more like a small standard really - and has a bark that can put hair on your chest! (so to speak - no gazing at mine next we meet please...) So when Ben was born, between Emma, the barking daschund and Sophie, the barking schnauzer, he was often awakened by the Doggy Chorus Cacophony numerous times a day. Christopher and Jenjer agreed to take Sophie (after all, they had "only" four QUIET ferrets to contend with).

Fast forward to 2007. Chris and Jenjer became the parents of Mirai. School, jobs, baby, tight budget...and a schnauzer. Sweet schnauzer but loud and barking when someone came to the door. I heard they were looking to rehome her in May and I decided the poor girl should just come back to me, return to the "land of her birth" (aka Katy) and took her on a trial basis. I've had her about a month now and think I can safely say she's home for good. Shelby and Izzie were none to pleased by another interloper but they've learned to get over themselves once they figured Sophie wasn't just visiting. Shelby likes to assert her authority and perceived "superiority" on occasion but for the most part, our "pack" is doing well. Izzie seems to vacillate between "you are at the bottom of the pack and have to bow to me as well" and "you are bigger than Shelby and can overtake her - and I'm here to help". It's funny to watch.

Jennifer said, before I took Sophie back to Katy the first time, "Well, Sophie-girl, you don't now it yet, but you're headed to Dog Heaven down there in Katy!" BIG yard to play in (Chris and Jen live in a condo) and other dogs to play with are just the starters. Sophie has turned out to be a VERY sweet and QUITE obedient lady and I think I've been able to somewhat break her of the "barkies" with a water bottle - she does NOT like getting "spritzed" when she barks! All THREE are much quieter now that I've instituted Operation Dreaded Water Bottle.

I told Megan I should just rename them Small, Medium and Large (Shelby, Izzie and Sophie). She laughed and suggested Tall, Venti and Grande. When I related this to Benjamin on the phone, he said, "Oh Gramma! You can't name those dogs those COFFEE names!" and I realized just how much we must go to Starbucks for a 4 year old to know what that meant. :)

(I thought I had a photo of her but I left my camera in Keller on Saturday so will have to post one later. Today she is having surgery - a teeth cleaning/descaling as well as a "mass removal" (lump on her side). Once she gets home and I have a camera, I'll share a photo our The Lady. When she is groomed, she is WHITE! Evidently her undercoat is white but her hard coat is silver. So more later!)

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Megan said...

Glad she is transitioning easily into the family. I will be interested to see your "white" schnaurzer.