17 June 2009

To blog or not to blog? When to find TIME is the question!

I wonder sometimes what Shakespeare would have done with the internet and blogging. Would he have been a daily blogger, throwing out ideas to his "public" about his next project? Or would he have shared the minutiae of daily life? And how would it have read?

"Anon, must gather unto myself provisions. Away to the Target whilst the day is long and the belly speaks!"

Or "While this vain glory doth take hold, my age belies me as I tread this path of life! Another wrinkle I beheld this day..."

Or would he have been so busy with his life that he would often neglect his blog (or would that be "Blogge"?) I wonder. Now I'm not in ANY way comparing myself to Shakespeare with all the themes and mysterious psychology embedded in his prose. But as a semi-avid blogger, I find that I have sadly lapsed in my blog entries of late.

I was quite gratified however to find that all FIVE of my faithful readers missed me and I got, within the space of 3 days last week, five emails from 'friends of the net' who wondered if I was okay as I had not blogged "in like, forEVER!"

Thank you, my gracious public. I am humbled and honored by your entreaties and have been convicted to rise from my bed of non-bloggiture and once again grace the net with my mundane observations on life, liberty and the pursuit of just about anything at the best possible price.

See you again soon, I promise.

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