18 June 2009

Thursday Morning

Yes, striking title, no? Really grabs your interest I'll bet. :)

The heat has been onerous and my hair is revolting (that's both a verb and an adjective in this sentence, in case you were wondering). So I'm soon heading into the bathroom to attempt to arrange my summer heat frizzled mane into some sort of semi-respectable coif before heading over to Jen's to get her, the boys and Madison (my surrogate granddaughter) for our "Really Big Adventure" to Cabela's and Toys'r'Us this morning.

No, I'm not turning into a Big Game hunter (although I DID buy the anniversary edition of Monopoly once - the one with the wooden base that spins - whoohoo!) - word on the street is Cabela's carry Keen shoes and I want to see what all the fuss is about them. Disney is looming in my future again and I do NOT want to do the tennis shoe thing again. And all the (taxidermist) stuffed animals at Cabela's sort of makes it like an air-conditioned zoo so the kids like it. Win/win! Cabela's is one of those "last bastions" of the Best of Texas where we are happy stick it to both PETA and the anti-gun lobbyists. I mean, where else can you see fine examples of hunting successes and pick up a fine firearm and ammo all under one roof??

Toys'r'Us however is a venture not for the faint-hearted when toting around 2-2 year olds and a 4 year old under the best of circumstances. "I want..." will be echoed in our ears ALL morning, noon and night following this expedition but Mirai's birthday is coming up soon and moi is hosting her party up here in Keller. A "bounce" vehicle of some sort is called for so we're in search for the "Birthday Girl plus 4 cousins" sized bounce house. And Toys'r'Us is usually filled with parents who have already abdicated any semblence of control on their children and are reduced to the bribing stage where they try to placate their restless (and leaderless) youngsters with material goods in a misguided attempt to buy both favor and silence. Doesn't work folks. Perhaps they should take the kids to Cabela's FIRST ("Yes, Johnny, that bear didn't obey his mother and look what happened to HIM!") before heading over to the Toy Heaven. Might be an effective tool...I'm just saying...

Wish us luck.

I have a feeling it's going to be a BIG Chick-fil-A iced tea day - that's what us Bible Belters drink when stressed instead of bourbon. With Mike in Kazakhstan, I wonder that my family isn't worried that I sit alone at night with my iced tea, drinking alone, adding more slices of lemon.

Better not tell them about the hot fudge sundaes. Don't want to worry them more than necessary.

Have a good one and keep the iced tea flowing!


Emily said...

I get mad almost daily because Panera Bread does not have a drive through. They make the BEST iced tea. So I also get Chick Fil A as tea is also my booze of choice.

Anonymous said...

I would keep Chick-fil-A in business all by myself just by going through for my sweet tea if the rest of the world suddenly decided they didn't like chicken anymore.

Last time we did Disney I did the whole ugly Crocs thing. They look hideous, but they were really comfortable! No breaking in necessary, and when they got wet on Splash Mountain they dried right off. Soooo much better than my typical tennis shoe philosophy.

Megan said...

Sounds like a nice, wild, exhausting day. You girls have fun!

Sherri said...

Good to have you back:)

DebMc said...

Fun post!

Did you find Keen's? My nieces love theirs...I'm picky, picky, picky about my shoes. No arch support and I might as well be a crippled old lady. They tell me I'd love Keen's. May have to mosey on over to the Cabala's and take a look see.

I walked all through Europe in Clark's. In fact, I pretty much live in them. Love 'em. You can find them at JCPennys and other 'fine' department stores.

DebMc said...

Oh, and hey...I thought Dr Pepper was the official drink of Texas?