24 September 2009

Snips, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails...

Last Saturday we celebrated my eldest grandson and grandchild's 5th Birthday. When Benjamin was born, Mike and I still resided in London (well, maybe Mike was as I was spending an awful lot of time in Texas that year including 8 weeks when he was born...). One of the main reasons we decided to move back was the births of our first two grandchildren, Ben in September and Kennedy early the following month. The Atlantic became impossibly wide after that and within a year we'd make plans to repatriate. We just were NOT going to miss this adventure of grandparenthood!

I have been blessed to be a part of every single birthday Ben has had, party or not. As this was his 5th, I think perhaps my days are numbered for him actively wanting me there each year. I can see it now, 10 friends at the paint ball place and there is Gramma Cheri in full camo, zeroing in on his friends...or the year I break a hip when they go roller skating and I fall - somehow I don't think so. With Kennedy I can probably host mani-pedi parties and get away with it a lot longer! :)

And now a MasterCard moment:
2 Cake mixes - $2.16
1 Can Icing - $1.56
4 eggs, milk and oil - $1.50
7 bags of various candies - $17.58
1 Grandson happy with his birthday robot cake - PRICELESS!

All of his grandparents were there in force this year as well as some of the great-grands. And Ben had most of his cousins and a couple of friends in attendance. The bounce house got a good workout (I'll say it again - that thing was WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY!) and the weather was good for outdoor playing (always a boon for the harried mom and dad of such occasions!) I have been putting my cake baking skills back to use - Ben wanted a robot theme so a robot cake was in order (by the way, it is WAY easier to trim a cake with lots of candy instead of all the piped icing and cut prep time down by an hour at least - woot!)

I had bought semi-sparkler candles for the cake, thinking the effect would be nice, not knowing that they were also the "hard to blow out" kind of candles. Oops! Good thing Ben is 5 and has very healthy lungs (note to self, do not use said candles for any asthmatic or emphysemic honorees). As the photos below will tell, he had to really work at it to get them out and STAY out!

Then he was NOT happy to learn that the "still shot" of the "blowing out of the candles" had not been caught by mom and dad's camera and a staged reshoot was in order! His dismay was understandable but hilarious.

I had lots of leftover candy from the cake so put it all in a big plastic bag and brought it over. Luke, being the eagle eye that he is, spots it...

...checks to see if Mom is watching...

...is followed by his friend and...

...buys said friend's "silence" with payment in kind.

Then the gifts were opened. The Wall-E robot was a big hit!

Kennedy helping and taking away the wrapping paper trash.

A sure fire sign that these guys are getting older - they wait and let the honoree open the presents!

Checking out the new Wall-E robot toy - of course, Uncle Tim had to come check this one out!

And you can never go wrong with a huge old honkin' set of Crayola Crayons and art supplies!

So Happy Birthday, Benjamin. You are almost in kindergarten now - one more year. Soon you'll be a big brother to little Master/Miss Brewton when he/she is born. And you're a good big brother for mischievous brother Luke. We love you very much and have enjoyed seeing and helping you grow and mature into the sweet and smart young man that you are.

And thanks for still wanting us there. :)

Ben and I about a year ago - I've always loved this photo of my "Butter Bean" and his Gramma Cheri.


Awdrey said...

You are an awesome grandmother, and I bet he NEVER gets tired of sharing his birthday with you. Remember...grandparents are different than parents;) I NEVER wished my grandparents weren't around. Love the photos! And how awesome is it that you made that cake!

Megan said...

It was an awesome cake! You got some great pictures that sum up the day. The ones of Luke getting into the candy crack me up.

Thanks for letting us board with you so we could be there!

Glenda said...

That is such a cute cake! Michael's b-day was the 20th, but his "friend" party is this Saturday. I'm making a dinosaur cake. Hope it turns out as well as your robot one!