28 November 2007

Deck Them Halls, Y'all!

Well, it's been two weeks since I last posted and for obvious reasons - tis the Season and we've all been decking our halls, right? We are having Christmas in Keller this year in our new second home and spent time last week getting it all gussied up for the holidays. And I admit - I've had a blast! It's been fun not the least because it's the first time I've seen some of this stuff since 2001! Many things have been in the family for years and years - they were moved to England with us when we moved back in 2000. But then the family grew - the kids started getting married and we started having Christmas back in the States instead of London. So these memories lay in storage in the attic of our house in England (called Brown Gables - the house, not the attic - we didn't have a name ffor that unless you want to call it home to mice!) until we moved in December 2005. Even then, they stayed in their plastic time capsules awaiting a glimpse of sunshine. They sat in a warehouse in England until January 2006, then sat in a warehouse in Houston until February of 2006, then sat in the "Texas basement" (a room finished attic for those of you with UNDERGROUND basements) until last month when I hauled them into my trusty "Gramma car" (aka "the Pilot") and brought them up to Keller, which we've appropriately dubbed "Brown Gables", to finally see the light of AMERICAN day for the first time in 11 years last week. (I won't tell you how they gasped for breath when I unpacked them nor the names they called me...)

Anyway, the old is blended with the new (that being GORGEOUS stuff I got at the Accessory Place half-price sale after Christmas LAST year) and we have Christmas in the making! Being the big head I am about decorating and the holidays, I decided to share photos of our home and hopefully inspire you to create your OWN brand of magic (if you haven't already done so) for this fun, Fun, FUN time of year! And if any of you are baa humbug types, go read blogs about deforestation or the demise of the ubiquitous dundee flea (okay, I made that one up) - just don't rain on MY parade!

And have a HAPPY holiday season - enjoy it to the "nth" degree and don't let traffic, crowds or Visa get you down!

So deck them halls, y'all! And have a bodacious Christmas!!!


deam said...

Your home is gorgeous, GORGEOUS!

We have the German Pickle too! I got it for Doug our first Christmas together - we both have heavy German heritage :)

Did I mention your home is GORGEOUS!

Happy Holidays! And I am totally with you on the decorating and enjoying it as much as possible!

Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady" said...

Thanks! I appreciate it!!

We went to Germany several years to the Kriskindle Markets (sp?) where they sell all those beautiful Christmas blown glass ornaments, wax angels in brocade gowns with gold wings, wooden smokers, the scent of candied almonds wafting in the cold, snowy air - so fantastic and magical!! If you've never been, you should really plan a trip to Munich sometime and go to Salzburg and Rothenburg as well. You would LOVE it!

rebekca said...

Everything looks beautiful!

I hope that you have plenty of loved ones visiting to enjoy your festive home...and I thought that was a jalapeno when I first saw it.