15 November 2007

Happy Birthday, Megan!

Today is Megan's birthday. She is Tim's beloved, so therefore is one of ours as well. Although she had a "ticket to get in" this family (again, Tim...) she has, on her own, carved out a space in our hearts. And, as I've always told Tim, if they get into an argument, we will ALWAYS take Megan's side so "don't go there". :)

From her willingness to take family vacations with us before she and Tim got married (first few photos are from a trip to the Cotswolds in England - 2003), traipsing through Walt Disney World with us when Tim was working, spending time in Katy with us sans Tim, trusting us enough to keep Kennedy for a few days on our own to her heartfelt thank you notes, webcam sessions (when we lived in the UK), times with the grandchildren, times with her and phone calls, she's been a real sweetheart!

So Happy 27th Birthday - yes, I can post ages 'cause you are so stinkin' YOUNG! We love you!!


rebekca said...

This was just so thoughtful and precious!

Megan said...

Thank you Cheri. That meant so much. I never expected to feel so comfortable and accepted in a family other than my own. You have set the bar high as far as mother-in-laws go!

Thank you.