20 March 2008

The girl's got HAIR!

I was looking through photos I'd taken (or stolen from cameras of my kids) and realized that Mirai, #5 grandchild, has really gotten a head full of hair! When I was last in Keller a couple of weeks ago, Chris, Jenjer and I went to The Cheesecake Factory for supper. By the way, as an aside, evidently this is one of the ONLY restaurants that does NOT give free dessert to the birthday honoree as I was shocked to see when $6.95 sowed up on the bill at the end of our celebration - what a way to grind a party down fast...but that's beside the point here. Mirai has that rare combination of dark hair and blue eyes. With a mama and daddy with brown eyes, it's very unusual to have blue eyes, especially ones that are like blue sapphires (deep blue with a hint of pewter - very usual and very pretty). I hope they "stick" but Jennifer's eyes were blue until she was 6 and then changed to hazel so who knows. She's a very pretty girl just like her mama!

Mirai is a little monkey - she has abs of steel (she's been doing her own version of Pilate's since she was 2 months old), was the first to crawl of this 2nd batch of 'grands' and my source informs me that she 'cruises' now and doesn't want to crawl anymore. She'll walk around a room, holding onto furniture, for about 10 minutes at a time. I shall verify this myself this weekend as we are driving up to Keller this evening for the Easter weekend - yeah! And her cousin Ben thinks the world of her - she's the only other grand that I am allowed to call "Butter Bean" (which is my pet name for him).

But I thought I'd do a little "hair progression" montage here. Reminds me of Kennedy in so many ways - in fact, often we'll say, "WOW! That looks JUST like Kennedy when she was that age!" Now Kennedy has a long mane of brunette hair and we figure it won't be long before Mirai has one too. And Kennedy has the blue eyes too. Gonna be some protective daddy's hovering around in about 12-14 years not to mention Ben being protective I'm sure! Watch out guys!!

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Megan said...

When I first glanced at the third picture down I thought it was an old one of Kennedy.

She's a cutie!