08 March 2008

Trying new foods...

Last Monday night, we went to an awesome restaurant, Taco Diner (in Southlake), and met with Chris, Jenjer and Mirai, Jen, Jason, Ben and Luke as well as Pete and Peggy (Mike's folks). It was the first snowstorm of the week and we had the restaurant almost to ourselves.

Jenjer decided to let Mirai try some of the black beans they served with my dinner. Her reaction was hilarious - I wish I had a better picture of her face but be sure to concentrate on it - it's so funny! (for everyone except her of course)

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emily said...

Quite cute! I love babies trying new foods :) I will NEVER forgot Aubrey eating a pickle at 6 months and the face she made.

A little birdie mentioned... IS IT YOUR BIRTHDAY?? Happy Birthday if it is!