24 March 2008

My new husband...

Venice - June 2003
Disney - Nov 2006
Keller - March 2008

Those who have read Jen's blog know that Mike shaved off his mustache. But she didn't post the "after" photo. I am here to oblige the Public with this spectacle.

Mike grew the mustache in the summer of 1982, right after we'd moved to London the first time. You must understand that until about 15 years ago, Mike looked like a teenager for the most part (yes, now he looks like an adult finally...) When I was pregnant with Tim, the Avon Lady (remember her??) came to the door - Mike answered and I heard a sweet voice say, "Hello, is your mother home?" He was 25 years old then, father of one with another one on the way. And what did my lovely husband reply? "Mom! It's for you!" (after she left, I smacked him)

Isn't it amazing how men can look younger as they grow older while women...well, that's an entirely different posting.

So, here's to you, Babe. And thanks for the memories...

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JMom said...

What a handsome hubby!
I just wanted to stop by to thank you for your comment today. I read the post you linked to as well...good thoughts!
Have a great evening.