30 March 2008

It's over!!!

As of Friday morning, I FINALLY got the stuff to the CPA to do taxes. It feels as it a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Now I have the responsibility to (a) enter 2008 data in Quicken this next week and (b) make sure I file stuff away on a regular basis so I don't have to do this all over again next March!

We had our Ladies Retreat this past weekend in Brenham and the theme was "Sweet Friends" encompassing our need for girlfriends, our best friend - our husband, and our ultimate friend, Jesus. It was a lovely weekend, in a gorgeous country environment with the retreat being led by two precious sisters who used to attend the Katy congregation but have now moved to Round Rock and Salem, Oregon. It was great to visit with them and 'catch up' as well as have the time with our sisters in Christ. The facility was excellent - when I walked back from the chapel where our retreat was held to the house where my room was located on Friday night, I could hear the lowing of cattle in the distance but not another single sound. It was wonderful!

One thing I brought back with me, however, was a not-so-lovely croupy chest cough. Humid night air?? How knows - it might even be Jason's flu from last weekend catching up with me. So I am hoping, hoping, hoping that THAT is something I didn't share with everyone else this weekend - especially my friend Marilyn who is due to go to Nashville for her grandson's 1st birthday end of this week! :(

So today I'll "hole in" and rest, sleep and catch up on my backlog of "Househunters", the show that Mike just does NOT get! ("How can you watch it time after time?? It's just the SAME thing over and over??" - hmmm, sounds like sports to me - same thing over and over....)

Have a pleasant and PRODUCTIVE week, ya'll!

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