05 April 2008

Aptly named?

Those of you who read my blog know how much my husband travels. He has more miles on him that a '55 Chevy although he runs (and LOOKS!) much better in my opinion. But the long and short of it is travel is tiring. The allure of international travel, even at the Business and First Class level, has lost it's luster in the never ending rounds of flights, schedules, lounge waits, security checks, cancellations, weather problems, etc. Some airlines handle this better than others. Some airlines are just a joke. And some have the most interesting names.

He travels to Kazakhstan more than just about anywhere else. In going through the piles of paper on his desk today, he found some of his ticket receipts. He thought I would find this particular one interesting. He is right - what a name for an airline. I wonder why they've never made it "big" in the USA?

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