15 April 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is my mother's birthday, Mom to my sister Kati and I, the kids' Grandma Crawford, the grandkids' GG Ann and our dad's Annie. Born in Missouri "lo, those many years past" and transplanted to Texas in 1958, she's a Southern Lady with northern roots (but we don't hold THAT against her!)

I think sometimes that when she moved to Lubbock back in 1958 that had to be a harder transition than when we moved to London back in 1982. Phone calls were prohibitively expensive, air travel was only for business and the wealthy, Lubbock was flat, high and dry while Missouri was hilly, humid and full of lovely vegetation. The beef was grain fed - she was used to corn fed. And there were no blogs to "connect" like we have now. A pioneer woman if ever there was one!

So happy birthday Mom. You've had the courage to transplant again to the Houston area - hilly a bit, VERY humid and full of vegetation. Think of it as a 'faux Missouri'. And bloom where you're planted once again.

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