02 April 2008

Urgent prayer request...

A dear childhood friend of Tim's, whose mother and I have been friends since 1991, is in urgent need of prayers. Crichelle has had a hard time conceiving. Last year she lost their first baby about 3 months before her due date. Now she is pregnant with twins, in week 26, and her waters broke this afternoon. So please pray for Crichelle, pray for her baby boys, pray for her husband, Jyusef, pray for their entire family and extended families, pray for the doctors and medical professionals caring for them all, pray that they will have strength and hope regardless of the outcome and that in all things God's will be done.

I've been there, done that, with twins born at 27 weeks. We were blessed with one, one went to live in heaven. I know, I think, how they might be feeling.

So please, just pray. I'll post again when I have news. And thank you so very much.

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rebekca said...

Oh Cheri, I thank the Lord that you sent me motherly whispers in my ear earlier so I stopped by "your place".

I will whole-heartedly send out my prayers.