24 December 2008

...and to all a good night!

Christmas Eve. How ever did it get here so quickly? Wasn't Thanksgiving just last week?

We are in Austin (Pflugerville, actually, having a pfantastic and pfun time...) visiting Tim and Megan, Kennedy and Lleyton. And waiting for Santa to come. Although he will come only for Lleyton and Kennedy.

You see, I had to call the North Pole earlier in the season to put in an official "hold delivery" request for us. And it took me forever to get an actual person! (elf?) Automated systems abound and let me tell you, I think I actually got someone in India at ONE point. I think this outsourcing thing is really getting out of hand.

But I finally got through and was able to get my request to delay delivery till Saturday as all five of my grandchildren will be there to wake up and have Christmas at Gramma and Papa's. And we need Santa to visit.

It totally pays to have friends in high places.

So while it may be Christmas Eve technically it will be Christmas Eve for us on the 27th. But for the rest of you, have a restful and joyous Christmas Eve.

May you have been good enough to get lots from Santa. And may you be surrounded by those you love and who, in turn, love you.


kathleen said...

Lucky you, two Christmases!! Have fun.

Cote de Texas said...

Hope it all worked out !!!

Have a wonderful New Years!!!


Megan said...

It was a great night...well TWO great nights, and for that matter a week of great nights. We had such a wonderful time last week with you and Mike and then the entire family. The food was great, the accommodations were fabulous, the company always stimulating and the Wii only ran out of batteries once. What more can you ask for? :)