03 December 2008

When it rains...well, you know...

It appears to be "take mom to SURGERY" week around these parts. As previously posted, my mom had cataract surgery on Monday. Doing well. All fine there. But yesterday, an hour or so after leaving Mom off at her house following her post-op appointment with the optometrist, I get a call from Mike saying "mom is in the hospital and had surgery". Talk about confused and having an adrenaline rush! "But I just dropped her off a bit ago! Why didn't she call me?? What's going on???"

Turns out it was HIS mom up in Bedford. She'd had abdominal pain on the weekend and finally agreed to go to the ER early Monday morning. Tests. Redo test. Infection of some sort. To make a long (and believe me, it's a LONG one) story short, she had keyhole surgery last evening to remove her gall bladder. She was discharged this morning and (hopefully) is doing well now at home. Jenjer works at the hospital where the surgery was done and actually had her in her care last night (Jenjer is a nurse's tech) so we felt she was in especially good hands!

We have high hopes for an UNeventful remainder of the week on the health front. Actually, uneventful on ALL fronts would be nice, thank you very much.

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