01 December 2008

Waiting for Mom in surgery...

I'm on my iPhone in the waiting room at the Sugarland Surgicenter waiting for the doctor to do Mom's right eye cataract surgery. It's outpatient so we should be home by early afternoon. We got home from our Keller trip about 11pm yesterday so she barely had time to get turned around before heading out this morning. We stopped in Pflugerville on our way home yesterday so we could eat dinner with Tim and Megan. It took "like forever" to get from Keller to Austin due to what the Brits aptly call "sheer weight of traffic". I suppose everybody (and their mother - ha ha!) was driving home following the Thanksgiving holiday. Anyway, we spent HOURS in stop-and-go traffic on I-35 south. Sigh...but we had a good audio book ("Twilight" by Stephanie Meyer oddly enough - Mike and I had seen the movie Tuesday night...) which was fortunate because otherwise it would have seemed even longer. I was sick of football on the radio and I think Mike was sick of Christmas music. :)

So we are home, Mom's getting her eye "done" and I'll post how she's doing later on today. I also hope to post some photos later too.

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