11 December 2008

To my adorable canines...

Izzie: "Yes, you needed something?"

It's a dog's life...literally.

Yup, this is definitely the life.

Nothing special here. Just a shout-out to Shelby and Izzie who have followed me around with perplexed looks on their faces the past couple of weeks as I've gone "to and fro" with boxes of decorations, wrapping supplies, trips to the attic, up and down the stairs. And then we had cold enough weather that it actually SNOWED in HOUSTON! Nope, didn't stick, but hey, it snows here about once a decade so it makes the news. And Izzie was wondering WHAT was with the cold fluff stuff. Plus it was super cold outside.

So I put on the fire and they have been comatose lying on their special pillow, soaking in the ambiance ("the holiday spirit" combined with a real fire = Doggie Heaven).

Merry Christmas, mutts. I love you guys.


Iona said...

Just one question, where is Shelby's and Izzie's stocking?

Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady") said...

The stockings on the fireplace mantle are the ones I made the year Mike and I were married. We have new ones to match the kids and grandkids that are on the stairwell in a group - and Izzie and Shelby's are there. :)

They have not been forgotten. But thanks for sticking up for them! They told me to tell you they appreciate it.

bec said...

Your dogs do have a lovely life. A nice fire and a very posh looking pillow.