02 August 2009

Happy Birthday, Mike, wherever you are!

Mike - probably about 2 years old

My CF (Chief Friend) is turning 54 today, but he's out of the country. Boo! So I'll have to send him salutations via phone and the nets. SO impersonal! But I have big things planned for a celebration when he gets back to 'the land of his birth'. No, I'm NOT jumping out of a cake - we can't afford a cake THAT big!

In the "meanwhile", Happy Birthday, Babe! We all love you and wish you were here, instead of there..."there" being where we are not!

Mike's the one on the right - with his sister, Cindy, and brother, Pat

Kindergarten - ain't he the cutest thang!? I think he must have some "elfin" in him. No, wait, it has to be Vulcan. "Live long and prosper" kid!

From your beloved, Cheri, with love...

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