03 August 2009

Who are those masked men??

I'm just coming up for air following my marathon "back in the saddle again" parenting experience - aka "Jennifer is sick as a dog with this pregnancy and spent the past three weeks in Katy with me so I could take care of the boys as well as her". So during the next few days (weeks?), I will start posting photos of some of the things we did during that time.

One thing we did on a fairly regular if not daily basis was swimming. We discovered that the subdivision pool facility had a wading pool, protected by a sun-filtering transparent tarp, so we often went there. So between our own pool and the community pool, we spent many mornings in the water. Ben even learned to swim and tread water but more on that one later.

For now, here is what the fashionable pre-school set is wearing to the beach these days. Some arm candy for this Gramma, eh?? :)

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Megan said...

Cute CUTE picture!