06 August 2009

Megan. Poor baby...

Most of you know Megan had her gallbladder out last Friday. What you might not know is that Tuesday she had a set-back in her recovery. I had come in on Sunday from a weekend in Keller to keep her company and watch the kids while Tim was away in California. She was feeling pretty good considering she'd been sliced and diced and cored just a couple of days earlier. Monday was fairly uneventful - lots of catching up on important things like watching all the DVDs we hadn't seen in ages or missed in the theaters. The kids were down in George West with their other grandmother, MoMo, who was going to drive them up here (Pflugerville) on Tuesday.

Tuesday morning, Megan started having a pain that quickly escalated into an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10.

Not good.

I called her surgeon's office and was told to take her to the ER (that's A&E to all you Brits out there). Dogs were thrown into the yard, water put out and I literally sped her to the hospital.

Three hours later, after a contrast CAT scan, blood work and other tests, the reason for her pain was inconclusive. However, the pain was very real. A very strong pain med was administered via IV which made it more manageable. Tim made the decision, after much texting back and forth, to come home from California, where he was on business from Sunday afternoon, as soon as possible. Her surgeon's partner came by late afternoon and decided to admit her so the pain could be managed via IV with "stronger stuff" and to observe her. Relief all around - literally and figuratively.

News Flashes from both Katy church of Christ and Brentwood church of Christ resulted in a huge prayer chain and my facebook notices received so many helpful and prayer-promise comments for which we are so grateful.

Bottom line, Megan was "shaken AND stirred" as Bond would not have said. She is still in the hospital and doing better, becoming more ambulatory - and has switched to oral pain meds instead of the stronger IV meds as of today. When the doctor comes to visit tomorrow, we have high hopes that she'll be released to come home.

And she has officially joined the ranks of people who have had gallbladder surgery and have a story to tell! Unfortunately, gallstones are now considered a "bio-hazard" so are not given to the patient anymore so there goes her chances of someday being a grandma who terrorizes and delights her grandchildren by showing them like MY grandma did. :) Instead they now photograph the procedure and give you about eight photos of the surgery and the stones they removed. Not exactly Christmas card stuff. :)

So hopefully she is on the downside of this and will go from strength to strength from now on.

Just thought ya ought to know! :)

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Emily said...

Thank you for the update Cheri! I thought about her many times yesterday. So glad she is feeling better! Honestly, where's the epidural when you need one?