02 January 2010

A Belated Happy New Year

It is now two days into the new year (technically...since it's 12:58am on Saturday now). I've been derelict in my blogging this past year I realize. I can't really pinpoint why - it just happened that way. And yesterday, a day when it would have been most convenient to start the New Year off with a Christmas recap with photos (because we ALL know how much the public at large LOVES photos of one's grandchildren), I spent the day basically on the couch, watching Season One of "The Mentalist" and trying to keep from coughing my guts up. Yes, the joy of being ill...

I admit that I can become mentally paralyzed when thinking about things that need to be done to the point where nothing (or little) is actually accomplished. Add in feeling "puny" and you have a perfect storm of apathy and procrastination.

I don't believe they have any drugs for that one. Yet.

You see, we leave VERY SOON for another trip to Disney with the kids/grands. And we are driving for the first time since 1996 when we went for Christmas following the pack-out of our household goods pending our transfer to the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. It was financially necessary to drive then. Now it seems like a rare treat vs. flying. It will be just Mike and I, taking our time to "mosey-on-over" to Florida, audio books and snacks on board, hauling golf clubs and strollers and extra car seats for those that ARE flying. However said you can't take it with you obviously has never traveled with me. But for us, there will be no security lines to go through. No weighing our luggage ahead of time hoping we don't exceed the limits resulting in even MORE costs to check luggage. No timetables. No airport food. Just us and I-10 and free hotels using Marriott rewards. Bliss.

But no matter how we end up arriving in Florida, the preparations to begin the journey are still in progress. And that's why I need to "unparalyze" and get on with it. But once the work is done, the car is packed and we've pulled out of the driveway, it's "aaahhhhhhhh!!" time when what's done is done, what isn't won't be and, heck, I'm on vacation, so I'm not going to worry about it.

So for tonight, I'll run on empty, hoping I can sleep with a croupy chest, a nose that could win marathons and dream of The Mouse.

Not exactly Magical, but that will come my friends. That. WILL. Come!

Happy New Year! And stay tuned as I bring updates from The Happiest Place on Earth (no, it's not the Half-Yearly Sale at Nordstrom's - although that might be a close second...)

Oh, and above is a little "before" photo. This was taken the LAST time we went in January 2008.


Glenda said...

I hope you have a great time at Disneyworld. The trip down sounds really relaxing, too. With all the added airport security, I think that would definitely be the way to go. Looking forward to a post with lots of pics when you get back!

bec said...

The grandchildren have grown so much since that photo! It definitely sounds like so much fun :)