02 January 2010

What's the point?

Working on booking "rest for the weary"

If they are from Marriott stays, frequent flier miles or other business related traveling, then the point is "frequent travel pays"! I spent last night and today figuring out a contemporary Sudoku puzzle of how to incorporate all the points from our various programs to the best advantage, finding the right hotels in the correct en-route cities, for three of our four families traveling by car to and from Disney. It was harder than I thought. But then success is so much the sweeter when the mission is accomplished.Starting off, the task reminded me of the dreaded (and much hated to this day) math questions from school, "If a train leaves New York going 60 mph towards Chicago and one leaves Chicago..." Well, you know the one. Only THIS time it was "If you have "x" points total and "y" rooms on different days in "z" cities, how many hours will it take to accomplish successful reservations?" (The question was a trick one because it takes more Advil than hours to do this.)

But the bottom line is, if we'd had to BUY these rooms, we'd have paid out close to $1000 whereas, thanks to Mike's traveling for business, hated though it may be by me, we paid ZERO. Nada. Nothing. Makes me tempted to do one of those MasterCard "Priceless" thingies but I'll spare you.

Especially since I used American Express.

So Operation: Get-as-Much-as-Possible-for-the-Least-Price is proving to be successful. Hey, I love a shopping challenge as much as the next red-blooded American girl. It's my calling. It's what I DO!

We have lift-off, Houston. And I think breakfast may just be included.

I do love a deal.

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